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Best Candlestick And Candleholder Set

metal vintage candlestick on a blurred background.

The right candlesticks can add elegance to any situation. Safety is also a concern with candles and the ideal candleholder should be nonflammable. With these factors in mind, we have assembled a list of our top picks for candlestick sets.

These candleholders come in three parts – the base, stem, and holder – and can easily be assembled without tools. Crafted by skilled artisans using high-quality metal, they are durable and fit together perfectly.

These candlesticks are easy to assemble without tools. Each component comes from skilled artisans using quality metal, so every set is of premium quality.

These black candlesticks have a simple-yet-appealing design that will complement any decor.

These candleholders have a practical design with a simple, retro aesthetic. Their stable base and grooved candleholder eliminate the potential of dripping wax on furniture or floors.