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Best Camping Kettle


Becoming one with nature and spending time in the great outdoors doesn’t have to mean living without a warm cup of tea or coffee. A good camping kettle can serve as a multifaceted tool without adding too much weight to your gear. Whether you’re going to be traveling from site to site or are opting for a more dedicated base camp, here are the camping kettles to add to your checklist.  

This stainless steel camping kettle set won’t rust and is naturally BPA-free. Additionally, it features a vented lid for safe use with camp stoves and grills.

You’ll like that this camping kettle is designed with an ergonomic insulated handle that’s easier to grip. Additionally, the shorter pointed pouring spout helps to minimize the risk of splatters and burns. And you’ll like the handle on the cover too.

We like that this camping kettle has a collapsible handle that features a rubber coating to protect your hands from the heat. Similarly, you’ll get an angled short spout to prevent splatters and the risk of burns.

We like that this camping kettle features an easy-to-open lid with a durable silicone upper body. It’s dishwasher-safe and can hold up to 42 fluid ounces.

This French press camping kettle has a 25-ounce capacity. It can work with wood-burning and gas stoves. It has measurement markings and foldable handles on the sides and top.

Frequently Asked Questions about Camping Kettles

1. Why do I need a kettle for camping?

You can use them to boil water for heating and cooking instant soups, making coffee, rehydrating meals, sterilizing water in places with questionable water quality and other cooking goals. Their compact size makes them a great accessory to serve an essential need at any campsite without taking up too much space.  

2. How do you boil a kettle when camping?

This depends on your heat source. If you’re at a campsite where you can bring a camping stove, you’ll most likely place your camping kettle on top of your stove after you’ve properly started it. Be sure to follow all guidelines that come with your camping kettle and only fill it with water up to the recommended levels. Since most camping kettles have a 1-liter capacity, you can reasonably expect the water to boil roughly five minutes after placing the kettle over your heat source. If you’re camping without a camping stove, you’ll first need to start a fire and place your kettle over the open flame.  

3. Can you boil a kettle in a tent?

As a general rule, it’s a good idea to keep heat sources and fuel sources like propane outside of your tent. You may consider boiling a kettle in a tent if you’re using an electric heat source such as a hot plate. If you’re relying on an open flame or propane gas to heat your kettle, you should avoid doing so inside your tent.  

4. Are collapsible kettles handy?

Collapsible kettles are very handy and safe to use. They usually feature food-grade, BPA-free silicone throughout the upper body with a metal base that can safely rest on both open flames and electric cooktops. In many cases, these kettles are also dishwasher-safe and ideal to use in homes with less space. However, keep in mind that the silicone portion should not come into direct contact with your heat source. Because while silicone can withstand a sufficient amount of heat, over time, it can become degraded and damaged. 

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