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Best Bunk Bed Shelves


Maybe you don’t have space for a bedside table, or you just need a place to store small items like your phone or the TV remote. With a platform or bunk bed, the concept of a bedside table might not seem realistic. A good bunk bed shelf can help create storage without the stress of finding space to house a traditional table.

This bamboo shelf comes in a light brown finish and features two side cord slots. It can safely hold up to 15 pounds and has an adjustable clamp that is compatible for bed frames up to 2 inches thick.

This bunk bed shelf includes an adjustable clamp and anti-scratch pads, making it ideal for a range of bed frame styles. It features a cup holder, cable organizer and the side panels are detachable.

This bunk bed shelf is designed to fit a range of bed rails and is built to last. This pick features furniture-grade finishes for a sophisticated look.

This bunk bed shelf is large enough to accommodate a laptop and is compatible with bed frames up to 3.2 inches wide. Felt washers ensure that it won’t damage your bed frame. This is a great option for loft beds and dorm beds as well.

This plastic bedside shelf is easy to install with its adhesive pads. This bed storage solution is versatile and can be used in your home office or even the bathroom.

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