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Best Brush Hair Dryers


Hair dryer brushes are the perfect way to style and dry your hair at the same time. These devices significantly reduce frizz and leave your hair smooth and shiny in a relatively short amount of time. They’re great on almost any hair type and have remarkable detangling bristles. Check out our favorite brush hair dryer picks for the best results.

This dryer allows you to dry and style your damp hair. It gives hair a bright shine and unmatched frizz control. The airbrush distributes heat evenly to prevent damage and works effectively on most hair types.

This Bed Head dryer offers maximum volume and provides significant styling control. The dryer reduces frizz and leaves hair with a glossy finish after each use.

The Straightdry paddle dryer has a large paddle design, an easy release button and advanced heat technology. The dryer has a ribbed back and allows you to customize your style with ease. The hair tool gives you straight, smooth hair in record time while minimizing frizz and potential heat damage.

REVLON’s one-step hair dryer features advanced heat technology, which leaves hair with 30% less frizz and healthier-looking hair. The dryer gives curled ends and provides extra lift at the roots for more volume. The hair dryer distributes heat evenly to reduce hair damage. The dryer features a unique oval design with nylon pin bristles for easy detangling, improved volume and maximum control.

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