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Best Bright Bike Lights


Bike lights help cyclists ride safely in low-light conditions. A bright headlight illuminates the roadway ahead to minimize accidents. A taillight increases the visibility of the cyclist when riding on major roads and streets. Some bike lights have water-resistant properties and other useful features designed to keep cyclists safe. Check out our picks for best bike lights.

This bike light set comes with built-in rechargeable batteries. The handlebar light runs up to six hours and is designed for low-visibility conditions. The taillight includes a strobe and flash mode, runs up to 96 hours and can be seen a mile away so that drivers have more time to see and react.

The adjustable mounting brackets fit most bike sizes, and they snap on and off with one button press. The taillight features two flashing modes and fits helmets, backpacks and pet collars.

The headlight fits most standard handlebars and offers up to 40 feet of visibility in dark riding conditions. The taillight is bright enough to alert motorists up to 150 feet away and comes with three high-visibility blinking modes.

This durable bike light has an aluminum alloy casing and withstands wear and tear from dirt and moisture. The headlight is easily detachable from its mount and doubles as a rechargeable flashlight for hiking and camping trips.

This bike light kit features swiveling mounting hardware, allowing each light to rotate in a complete circle. The headlight features a glow-in-the-dark, soft-touch power button and a built-in portable power supply for smartphones and other devices.

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