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Best Blank Gift Tags


Gift tags are a great finishing touch for any holiday gift or birthday present. They are a great way to add a personal, handwritten greeting and are a must-have for scrapbooking and paper crafting. Gift tags come in a variety of colors and styles that fit any project or occasion. Below is a list of our top picks.

These blank gift tags are suitable for permanent markers and ink pens. They do not bleed and feature pre-cut holes. These gift tags are great for any farmhouse-themed gifts and projects.

These tags are great for custom product labels and wedding favors. These tags are only about 2 inches in length, so if you are looking for a smaller gift tag, these will be the perfect fit.

This kit is ideal for scrapbooking projects, personalized holiday decorations and most papercrafts. Pencil and ballpoint pens are most suitable for these labels, and at 4 inches of length, you can be sure to get creative with your prints or designs.

These labels sport a decorative scalloped detail, 200 pieces of twine and pre-cut holes. These gift tags are made from thick kraft paper and suit most calligraphy projects, as most inks will not run or bleed. The jute is chemical-free and pre-cut into equal pieces.

This 200 tag kit is great for party favors and any other colorful occasion. It includes a variety of bright, colored tags with multicolored twine and ribbon.

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