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Best Big Dog Bowl

Provide a comfortable experience for your pup during mealtime using safe and hygienic dog bowls. With a wide variety of dog bowls to choose from, the selection process can be challenging. Check out our list of highly recommended dog bowls.

A reliable silicone base keeps these bowls from shifting while your pet eats, which helps in preventing messy spills. The silicone base also protects floors from scratches. These bowls are suitable for dry kibble, treats, water or wet food.

This crock dish is lightweight and easy to clean. Once filled with food or water, it becomes heavy and difficult to skid or tip over due to its wide-base design. Its inner layer ensures that food does not get stuck to the sides.

The inner stainless steel material resists bacteria growth and does not retain odors. The outer layer has an attractive poly-resin layer with a paw-print pattern. Its ample width and depth dimensions make it compatible with a range of slow-feeders and helps to reduce messes.

This lightweight bowl is easy to take along for camping trips or a day at the park. If you use it at home, we recommend putting a non-slip pad underneath to prevent it from moving or damaging your floors. The non-porous material resists leaching and is sanitizable, ensuring that your pet has meals safely without the need for intensive cleaning after each use.

Equipped with rubber dots on the base to prevent skidding and noise, this bowl won’t shift while your dog eats. Simply hand wash or place in the dishwasher to clean after use. You can select one of three metallic styles, including a black or copper exterior or a simple stainless steel silver.