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Best Beach Tote Bags


Hitting up the beach means you’re going to need a tote bag. Whether you’re bringing snacks and towels or extra toys to keep the little ones entertained, a good tote bag should be waterproof with plenty of compartments to keep everything you need. For your next beach outing, these tote bags should be on your shortlist.

The see-through mesh panels on these bags make it much easier to find your items.

We love the 31 different print styles available for this tote bag. This lightweight bag is also waterproof, making it great to use for the gym and a wide array of other needs.

You’ll love that this beach tote comes in nine colors and is made from 100% cotton. The 16-inch tall bag features a full zipper closure for added security.

This medium-sized bag is waterproof, which is a major plus at the beach. The breathable mesh design makes it easy to find things.

This bag is available in three colors with sheer mesh paneling. Plus, the detachable cooler has a separate handle.

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