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Best BBQ Wood Chunks

Looking for new flavors to add to your next outdoor gathering doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Wood smoking is an easy way to infuse your grilled meats with mouthwatering flavors. Check out some of the most flavorful options.

Smoak firewood is heat-treated in a controlled environment and comes in large wood chunks. The chunks produce a beautiful aroma and burn clean.

These wood chunks are compatible with small personal grills and large professional ones. The chunks infuse any meat and vegetables with delicious flavors and smells as they cook.

Camerons wood chunks are available in eight different flavors. These chunks effectively infuse your foods with the smokey flavor of your choice.

The mesquite wood chunks naturally infuse your dark and red meats with tasty flavors. They’re top quality and come with minimal bark. These chunks are perfect to mix with different types of wood to create new, custom-made flavors.

These premium-grade wood chunks smell like fresh-cut wood and are available in five different wood types. The chunks can be used to prepare fish, poultry, beef, pork and most vegetables.