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Best Band-aids


It’s inevitable that at some point you’re going to get a cut, scrape or a bump that needs to be protected from the elements. Band-aids are essential to have on hand so that you can make sure any minor injuries heal without being exposed to dirt and grime. Whether you opt for a true skin tone match or prefer something colorful, these bandages are ready to stock in your first-aid kit.

This bandage pick comes with 30 pieces and is made from flexible fabric to allow for more movement. They’re latex-free and include medium and large bandages.

Best Fit

With this pick, you get 100 bandages in assorted sizes. While there’s only one color choice, we like that the brand promises the pad won’t stick to your wound.

These bandages are made from a durable film, which the brand promises will hold for up to 48 hours. However, the beige center padding may be visible on some people.

These Curad bandages are available in a variety of sizes, including slimmer options for fingers and knuckles. They also come with an anti-bacterial, non-stick pad and flexible material.