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Best Baby Food

Father Feeding Baby Daughter In High Chair

Starting your baby on solids is a big milestone that many parents anxiously await. It’s also a good time to introduce your baby to healthy foods and encourage healthy eating habits. Check out our top picks for the healthiest — and yummiest — baby foods.

The chicken and gravy baby food is a great option after your baby has already been introduced to meat and is ready to graduate to more flavor. The non-GMO food contains 7 grams of protein.

This baby food choice is another stage 2 option. All of the foods are made from non-GMO organic produce, don’t have any salt or sweeteners and are Kosher-approved.

You’ll get 12 different flavors with this pack of baby food. Each pouch is made from organically-grown produce and is non-GMO with no additives.

We like that the Happy Baby baby food pouches include a blend of organically-grown produce. With 16 pouches, you’ll get an assortment of flavors that your little one will love.