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Best Ankle Sleeves


An ankle sleeve can help provide extra support and stability for your ankle, which is one of the most important joints in your body. These sleeves come in handy while playing sports or doing other activities around the house and yard, like working in the garden, taking a walk or standing for long periods of time. They help support your ankle joints while also allowing them to move and flex.. Depending on your personal needs, ankle sleeves offer varying levels of compression and movement.

These ankle sleeves are great for wearing with flip-flops and sandals and can help relieve heel discomfort. Run-resistant dyes will not run because of sweat or excess moisture. These ankle sleeves are a lightweight, stylish option for support and discomfort relief.

These ankle sleeves dry quickly after being washed and keep their softness over time. The inner layer is webbed with skin-friendly fibers to protect your skin from irritation. These sleeves offer a comfortable fit under work boots, doctor’s clogs and running sneakers

These ankle compression sleeves have reinforced ribbing around the in-step for discomfort relief and support. They can be worn while you’re sleeping and are a good fit for wide, flat feet. They feel great with socks.

These foot and ankle support sleeves feature an ergonomic design and are great for all activity levels for work or play. They come in plain designs and nude tones that can even work with more formal outfits. These sleeves are great for support and stabilization during jogging or lifting.

These ankle sleeves keep sweat and odors at bay with a breathable webbed layer and ultra-absorbent fibers. They feature anti-slip silicone cuffs for a snug fit without being too tight. These ankle sleeves offer heavy compression without restricting movement. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are ankle sleeves?
An ankle sleeve is a form of garment worn around the ankle that helps protect this essential joint. They can also be used to keep an ankle immobile for various reasons, such as when recovering from an injury. Ankle sleeves are commonly used during the rehabilitation process. The sleeve provides warmth and compression to the joints, while also offering protection when the wearer is active.

What do ankle sleeves do?
An ankle sleeve provides support for the ankle while still allowing the ankle to move through a full range of motions. These sleeves may also protect you from issues like sprains and inflammation while also preventing existing issues or discomfort from getting worse. They may improve performance, too, since the sleeve can provide joint compression and stabilization.

How tight should an ankle sleeve be?
Ankle sleeves are typically sized based on your shoe size and the circumference of your ankle. Ankle sleeves are designed to be snug but not so tight that your movements are restricted. When looking for an ankle sleeve, you will want to find a fit that is snug and provides some compression. The ankle sleeve should also remain slightly loose so it is breathable. If the sleeve is uncomfortably tight, you may want to go up in size.

When should I wear an ankle sleeve?
Ankle sleeves are meant for the prevention of issues and discomfort The best times to wear them are when you’re playing sports or doing other physical activity like gardening or walking the dog. If you are in the market for an ankle sleeve to help support an issue or discomfort, know that they can be worn throughout the day. Please make sure you check with your medical provider on the best treatment plan for any injury you may have.

Are ankle sleeves washable?
Most ankle sleeves are machine-washable. Ankle sleeves are worn a lot during sweaty sports and other physical activities, so they may need to be washed regularly to prevent bacteria growth and foul odors. Check for specific instructions that come with your ankle sleeves for proper washing.

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