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Best Air Freshener

Woman spraying floral air freshener at home

Dust, cooking, mold or pets can leave undesirable scents lingering in your house. Eliminating these odors with air fresheners helps to keep homes livable and the air pleasant and breathable. Here are a few air fresheners that we recommend to keep your home smelling delightful.

This air freshener is safe to use around cats and dogs but not around birds. It does not mask or cover up foul odors, but neutralizes them, leaving a light, fresh scent.

This air freshener spray has an updated cap with an ergonomic hold and an easier spray. Its new gas technology dispenses a soft, quiet mist. This spray contains combustible ingredients and should be stored away from heat and open flames.

This cruelty-free air freshener contains alcohol and must be kept away from open flames, children and pets.

This air freshener spray has combustible ingredients and is an eye-irritant, so keep away from children. Its all-natural formula does not contain harmful chemicals or skin irritants.