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Best After-Shave Balm For Men

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When it comes shaving, you want to have a meticulous routine that leaves your face smooth, clean and protected. One of the most critical steps in keeping your face in the best shape possible is the addition of a great after-shave. The best after-shave will cleanse minor cuts and help protect your skin against breakouts and razor burn. After-shave will make you smell amazing all day and can help prevent ingrown hairs. Listed below are our top picks for after-shave treatments.

This after-shave provides lightweight moisture to the skin. It also helps soothe minor nicks from shaving without a stinging feeling.

This after-shave contains no sulfates, parabens or mineral oils.

This after-shave comes in a sleek 9.6 ounce glass bottle.

This after-shave is non-drying and alcohol-free, instead containing tea tree oil and witch hazel to help calm the skin and prevent irritation.