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Best 3-Inch Binder


Binders are useful in many office, home and school settings. They are an ideal option for keeping your paperwork all in one place. Many offer features that accommodate personalization and custom labeling. Binders are versatile and can store crafts, recipes, receipts and more.

These binders feature cover chipboards made from 100% recycled or reclaimed paper. The transparent overlay covers the spine, front and back covers, and allows for easy personalization. With this binder, it’s easy to customize the exterior and organize your documents inside.

The dual opening and closing metal triggers on the inner metal spine are simple to operate and do not require much force. The clear overlay resists ink smudging, making it easy to label or decorate with inserts along the back, spine and front.

The lightweight nature of this folder makes it an excellent choice for archiving or storing reference material. The three 3-inch round rings securely clasp in place, keeping documents from slipping out. You can store extra notes in the two inner pockets as well.

The D-shaped rings are mounted onto the back cover instead of on the spine, so sheets lie flat without bending and pages are easier to turn. These binders can hold up to 600 pages each.

Suitable for long-term use, this sturdy binder has rubberized reinforcements on its outer body that prevent splitting or tearing at the seams and edges. Its curved spine fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, making it ideal for regular use.

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