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​​The Best Girls’ Jacket


 As the weather turns cooler, it’s important to keep your children warm. However, the type of jacket they need may vary, not only depending on the season, but also on your child’s personal style. If you’re looking for a nice jacket for special events and dressy functions, check out our top picks for best girls’ jackets.   


You’ll love that this girls’ jacket features a water-resistant StormRepel DWR finish. This coat is available in nine colors and in youth sizes XXS through XL. 

This simple zip-front jacket comes with two external side zip pockets and an interior pocket. This jacket is a great way to keep your child warm on cool fall or spring days and is available in infant, toddler and youth sizes.  

This stylish girls’ jacket is fully lined for added warmth and features a zip-front closure. Sizes range by age from 1 to 8 years.  

The sleek girls’ jacket is fitted with two front pockets, a standing collar and a ribbed hem at the waist and wrists. It also features the Adidas logo on the front left chest.  

You’ll like that this windbreaker is hooded, and includes an elastic waist and cuffs. Choose from two styles — a full-zip front or a pullover with a half zipper.  

Girls’ Jackets FAQs

1. How do I pick the right jacket?

Consider the region where you live and the type of weather you typically experience. Additionally, you’ll likely need more than one jacket depending on the season. Traditional fleece jackets are great when the weather is slightly cool in the fall or late spring while heavier fleece jackets are designed for cold, winter wear. There are also thinner options like windbreakers for breezy days. 

Think about when your child is wearing this jacket. For school or everyday use, you’ll want something more durable and easy to clean. But for special occasions, you’ll want something a bit more stylish that looks better when paired with dress clothing.  

2. How are girls’ jackets sized?

Most girls’ jackets follow standard children’s sizing, which is based on your child’s growth. With infants and young toddlers, sizes are listed by age. This is usually organized as newborn or 0 to 3 months, 3 to 6 months, 6 to 9 months, 9 to 12 months, 12 to 18 months and 18 to 24 months.

Once your child is around 2 years old, the sizing transitions to toddler which is denoted by a number paired with the letter “T” (i.e. 2T, 3T, 4T and 5T). This simply means that a 2T item would be expected to fit an average child that’s 2 years old. Beyond 5T, the sizing changes to either “big kid” or “youth.” This typically parallels with your child’s age (i.e. a 6-year-old child would wear a size 6), but some brands also rely on letter sizing (XS-XL). And in some cases, clothing is sized based on recommended height ranges. 

Girls’ Jackets Buying Guide

Shopping for clothing is personal, so what appeals to one person may not be a win for someone else. Other factors such as fit and comfort are also important. In most cases, consider external factors such as the weather and the settings where your child will wear the jacket. 

Also, consider how easily you can clean the jacket. Opting for a jacket that needs to be hand-washed in order for your child to wear it regularly can become a frustrating experience if they tend to easily get dirty. Likewise, consider the weight of the jacket based on the weather so that your child is comfortable. 

Other important features include pockets, zips, and whether or not the waistband or wrists have ribbed hems. These can aid in keeping your child warm by blocking air from entering the sleeves. Then, if your child is old enough, consider their style. Do they have a favorite color or pattern that they prefer? 

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