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​​The Best Electric Fly Swatter


As soon as a housefly makes its way into your home, it becomes an instant nuisance and getting rid of it can seem nearly impossible. Sometimes, even the classic analog fly swatters just aren’t able to get the job done. Fortunately, now there are electric fly swatters that can easily stop the buzz for good.  

Each of these electric fly swatters is USB-rechargeable and emits 4,000 volts of electricity. Yet, it’s safe to the touch thanks to its three-layer design that keeps the electrical components out of reach. 

With this design, you can easily trap bugs that are against the wall or ceiling. It’s USB-rechargeable and comes with a wall-mount and stand for easy storage. 

The USB-rechargeable fly swatter can run up to 10 days on just two hours of charging time. It also has a built-in LED light to help you find bugs in the dark.  

This electric fly swatter relies on two AA batteries but is made from durable ABS plastic with CE-approved components. As is standard, it features a three-layer design to safely cover the electrical components.  

This swatter’s LED light emits a 395-millimeter wavelength that attracts mosquitoes.  

Boys Costume FAQs

1. Do electric fly swatters really work?

The short answer is yes. They rely on an open-grid design that helps to reduce air resistance. This means that smaller insects that might otherwise get pushed out of the way with the movement of a traditional fly swatter won’t be moved with an electrical model. As a result, these modernized products are incredibly effective at killing airborne mosquitos, flies, and more.  

2. Is UV light from bug zappers safe?

While concerns around UV light exposure are valid, research has shown that the amount of light electric fly swatters produce isn’t enough to be harmful to humans. This is especially true if you’re more than 10 inches away from the bulbs.  

Electric Fly Swatter Buying Guide

No matter how clean you are or conscientious about closing doors and windows, it’s inevitable that bugs will find a way into your home. And this is especially true of flying insects like flies and mosquitoes. Electric fly swatters are modernized versions of the classic fly swatter that can not only kill insects with an electrical current, but often rely on UV light to attract insects to the device. 

When you’re shopping for an electric fly swatter, consider whether or not it features a moveable head. Fly swatters with static heads are great for catching bugs mid-flight, but might not be as effective if you find a fly or mosquito perched on a wall or ceiling. 

Also, think about whether the device is battery-powered or rechargeable. In most cases, a USB-rechargeable model is preferable, because you won’t need to constantly buy new batteries, especially if you live in a climate where flying insects are a year-round nuisance. 

Finally, consider whether it comes with a stand or mount. These features allow you to leave your fly swatter nested in its base and powered on overnight as you sleep. So it’s working to attract and kill bugs at all times. 

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