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​​The Best Car Blanket


 It’s always a good idea to have some supplies in your car for the “what ifs” in life. While a flashlight and a first aid kit are the usual items people keep on hand, a car blanket is equally essential. Not only is it a great way to stay warm on those chilly rides, but it can also serve as a survival tool if you get stranded on the side of the road in cold weather. Check out our top picks for the best car blanket.   

This lightweight blanket is also great to use for outdoor events. Choose from a variety of patterns and colorways.  

This car blanket can cover up to three adults. It’s machine-washable and dryer-safe. 

This durable car blanket is lightweight at 2.9 pounds. Choose from four colors, including classic plaid.  

We like that this machine-washable car blanket is made from hypoallergenic fleece. This blanket isn’t just for the car, but it also can be used for travel.  

This electric car blanket comes with a 96-inch cord and storage case. 

Car Blanket FAQs

1. Why should I get a car blanket?

Car blankets are great to have on hand for life’s unexpected emergencies or impromptu events. For example, they can keep you warm at tailgate events or during a quick trip to the beach or lake on a chilly day. Similarly, they’re great for those passengers who’re always cold no matter how high you turn up the heat. And of course, in the event of an emergency, a good car blanket can help to keep you warm as you wait for help to arrive.  

2. Do heated car blankets drain the battery?

Depending on how you use a heated car blanket, yes they can drain the battery. Experts agree that electric blankets shouldn’t be left on without supervision. But especially for cars, if you want to use a heated blanket, it’s best to do so when the car is on. If you turn the blanket on while the car is off, then it will drain the battery. So, if your car is off, don’t turn on an electric blanket. 

Car Blanket Buying Guide

Car blankets are a smart item to have on hand whether you’re concerned about keeping little ones warm or want to be safe when driving in cold weather. First, consider the type of blanket you want. You can opt for a simple microfiber blanket, or opt for more heavy-duty, fleece-lined options. And for the ultimate in warmth, consider upgrading to an electric car blanket. 

Also, think about the size. Are you trying to keep multiple people warm simultaneously, or is this blanket intended for single-person use? In most cases, you’ll find that the majority of car blankets are designed to pull double duty as outdoor blankets that can be used for tailgating, at the beach, or more. So, they usually can be used by multiple people simultaneously. 

Finally, consider your storage options. Some blankets are sold with a carrying case. This can be ideal — especially for car storage — since putting it into a case or tote bag helps you maximize space in your car and reduce overall clutter. Plus, it potentially can potentially be easier to find your car blanket when you need it. 

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