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​​The Best Bathroom Shelf


No matter how large your home is, storage can always be an issue, especially in the bathroom. The last thing you want is a bathroom vanity that’s cluttered with bottles or a cabinet that’s overwhelmed with products. Fortunately, this list of bathroom shelves can provide great additional storage options and create easier access space for your bathroom essentials.  

This bathroom shelf unit is made from alloy steel and is easy to assemble. Its neutral chrome shade works with a wide array of decor themes. 

We like that this bathroom shelf features built-in hooks to hold sponges, back brushes and more. It’s available in single- and double-tier styles.  

 This vintage-inspired bathroom shelf comes with all the necessary hardware for a quick installation process.  

The shelf’s oil-rubbed bronze finish fits a wide range of decor. It can support up to 20 pounds, ideal for banishing the clutter. 

Bathroom Shelf FAQs

1. Do bathroom shelves require assembly?

This depends on the unit you select. If you opt for floating shelves or over-the-toilet organizers, these require minimal assembly. Typically, putting together an over-the-toilet organizer is fairly easy and doesn’t require mounting hardware. 

In contrast, floating shelves can be more complex and you’ll need to consider whether or not you have a level. A level will ensure that your shelves aren’t crooked, which could be an issue if you’re using them to store glass items.  

2. Will an over-the-toilet organizer fall?

No, as long as you follow manufacturer guidelines. These types of bathroom organizers list their maximum load capacity so that you know exactly how much weight they can support before their structural integrity comes into question. 

Assuming you don’t overload your organizer, it shouldn’t fall. But, if you’re concerned about this, consider keeping heavier items in the lower tiers to ensure proper weight balance. Similarly, you can opt to install mounting hardware to secure your organizer to the wall to prevent the risk of tipping over. This is especially a good idea if you have young children or active pets in the home who may be prone to pull on items that could cause the organizer to fall on them.  

Bathroom Shelf Buying Guide

Cluttered bathrooms can be a nuisance. Besides looking unsightly, it can make it harder to find the essentials you need. Bathroom shelves, and organizers, are a great way to keep the clutter contained and ensure that your bathroom is not only functional but also presentable. 

When shopping for a bathroom shelf, consider how much organizational support you need. If you only have a few items that you need to organize, you can get away with a single floating shelf or pre-assembled toilet organizer. But if you’re sharing your bathroom with others or are a bit of a product junkie, consider over-the-toilet organizers which offer more shelves to contain the mess. 

Additionally, consider stability. The last thing you want is a floating shelf that falls off the wall in the middle of the night, or an organizer that tips over because it can’t support the weight you placed on it. Be sure that any solution you pick comes with all the necessary hardware to safely and securely mount it to the wall. 

For over-the-toilet organizers, ensure that there’s enough clearance between your organizer and toilet tank. These types of storage solutions are not a one-size-fits-all affair, meaning that you could easily pick a product that’s not compatible with your bathroom. Not only should the lowest tier be tall enough to clear the top of the tank, but there should be enough clearance on both sides so that you can slide it over your toilet.  

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